First Annual KiCad Conference Announcement

The KiCad project is excited to announce the first ever KiCad Conference (KiCon) in Chicago from April 26th through the 27th. The conference will be held at the mHub. This conference is geared towards KiCad users. There will be lots of talks from users of all skill levels as well as some of the members of the KiCad Lead Development Team. The conference keynote talk will be given by the KiCad project leader.

Come join enthusiastic KiCad users and developers from all over the world for a fun and informative two full days of all things KiCad. On top of interesting and insightful talks, there will be plenty of time to share ideas and get to know other users and members of the development team. Attendees can expect to receive an excellent badge and some nifty swag.

If you are interested in sponsoring the event, please go to the sponsors page to donate. If you are interested in volunteering please go to the volunteers page to sign up. Any help is greatly appreciated. Don’t forget to thank all our sponsors and volunteers when you attend KiCon. It’s thanks to their efforts that an event like KiCon can even happen.

Tickets went on sale on February 13th. Get your tickets today and come join us for two days of fun and learning with KiCad. All are welcome to the first annual and hopefully many more to come KiCad conference.

We are looking forward to seeing you at KiCon!

The KiCad Project.