KLC S2.3

Where atomic parts are available in multiple footprint options, a separate symbol must be drawn for each footprint

Many electronic components are provided in multiple footprint (package) options. These may or may not be pin compatible.

e.g. LTC4357

Here there is a requirement for two separate symbols, one corresponding to each available footprint.

The naming of the symbols must match the manufacturer naming convention for the footprint variants. In the image above (taken from the datasheet) the footprints are defined as follows:

  • DCB - 6-lead DFN

  • MS8 - 8-lead MSOP

Thus, two symbols must be drawn:

Where possible, the symbols should be drawn such that they can be swapped in the schematic with minimal disruption to wire connections.

As a further example we shall consider the comparator MCP6566 which is available in three SOT-23-5 versions, each with a different pinout.

In this case, a separate symbol must again be drawn for each version, and named according to the convention called out in the datasheet.