KLC S2.1

General symbol naming guidelines
  1. Library naming should not be duplicated in footprint name

  2. If symbol with same name exists for multiple manufacturers, the manufacturer name is written first

  3. Specific manufacturer name (for atomic parts)

  4. Type of symbol (for generic parts)

    1. May be shortened for common components (e.g. Conn for Connector)

    2. Reference designator may be substituted for common components (e.g. D, C, LED)

  5. Part name should include extension for specific footprint if required (e.g. SOIC)

  6. Any modification of the original symbol, indicated by appending the reason (e.g. different pin ordering - Q_NPN_CBE, Q_NPN_BCE)

  7. Indicate quantity of elements for symbol arrays (e.g. resistor array with 8 elements - Resistor_x8)