Source Code

The most recent source code for KiCad can be downloaded from the launchpad repository or the github source mirror.

This source contains the most recent patches and is useful for debugging and testing. If you build KiCad from source consider joining the developer mailing list to post your improvements and bug-fixes.

Other than the source code itself there are some other distibruted elements that make up the full KiCad package, which is the KiCad documentation (kicad-doc), the user interface translations (kicad-i18n), and the schematic, footprint and 3D model libraries.

Stable Release

Current Version: 4.0.7

Tarballs intended to be used by packagers:

You encouraged to enable the python scripting, even though it is not enabled by default with the following additional Cmake options.


It has been decided to do so such that packagers will enable it on a case by case basis. If you package for linux you are expected to enable python scripting.

Before version 4.0.5 you were supposed to use the following options to set the version string:


This is not longer needed. This note is kept until the next release.

Building KiCad

Instructions can be found in which is located in the kicad source code under /Documentation/development folder.

Alternatively, you can view it online here: Building KiCad from Source

KiCad 4.0.5, 4.0.6, and 4.0.7 cannot be compiled with boost 1.61 and higher since the latter requires C++11. If you insist to use boost 1.61 and higher, you can apply this patch manually and compile with a C++11 capable compiler and its appropriate compiler switches.

Do not use the KicadOSXBuilder as it is outdated.