Source Code

The most recent source code for KiCad can be downloaded from the launchpad repository or the github source mirror.

This source contains the most recent patches and is useful for debugging and testing. If you build KiCad from source consider joining the developer mailing list to post your improvements and bug-fixes.

Other than the source code itself there are some other distibruted elements that make up the full KiCad package, which is the KiCad documentation (kicad-doc), the user interface translations (kicad-i18n), and the schematic, footprint, 3D model libraries and project templates.

Stable Release

Current Version: 5.0.2

Tarballs intended to be used by packagers:

With newer linux releases it might be easiest to disable the wxpython option. This is becasue there is an incompatability between wxwidgets which is not complied with gtk3 instead of gtk2, while wxpython does not support gtk3 before it’s phoenix release, which does not yet work with KiCad. Help needed.


It has been decided to do so such that packagers will enable it on a case by case basis. If you package for linux you are expected to enable python scripting.

Due to API instability in the Boost.Context library, KiCad 5 ships with a replacement implementation, which is partially written in assembler language. Because of this, several platforms may fail to compile.

Building KiCad

Instructions can be found in which is located in the kicad source code under /Documentation/development folder.

Alternatively, you can view it online here: Building KiCad from Source