4.0.2 Stable Release

KiCad 4.0.2 is available in the Fedora 23 repo.

To install KiCad 4.0.2 on Fedora 23 open a terminal and run the following command:

dnf install kicad

Nightly Development Builds

Nightly development builds for Fedora are available via the copr build service.

This build can be installed on Fedora with:

dnf copr enable mangelajo/kicad
dnf install kicad

If you don’t have copr install with:

yum install dnf-plugins-core

As a side note, the wxwidgets build in the copr build is forcing --with=gtk2 on wxgtk, otherwise eeschema and the legacy canvas does not work properly. This could be problematic if you have other applications depending on wxgtk already. This is a workaround to bring KiCad to fedora more easily.

Old Stable

The 2013 stable release of KiCad is currently available in the official fedora repositories before Fedora 24. It is not recommended for new projects. Please use the new stable release. If you wish to install old stable search for KiCad in the package manager or run the following command in a terminal:

sudo yum install kicad