Debian Unstable (Sid)

Current Version: 4.0.5 (KiCad actual version)

The current upstream release 4.0.5 is available for Debian unstable/sid.

Debian Testing (Stretch)

Current Version: 4.0.5 (KiCad actual version)

The current upstream release 4.0.5 is available for Debian testing/stretch and

You can install it with the following commands in a terminal, otherwise you can use the package manager you like:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install kicad

Offline docs are available in seperate packages named for example kicad-doc-en. You can search for them with apt-cache for example

apt-cache search kicad-doc

Debian Stable (Jessie)

Jessie-Backport Version: 4.0.5 (KiCad actual version)


Jessie Stable Release Version: bzr4027 (KiCad stable release 2014)

The 2014 stable release bzr4027 of KiCad is available in the official Debian repositories for stable/jessie. It is not recommended for new designs. Please use the packages from the backport repository for actual versions. Follow the instructions on the Debian Wiki to add the Backport repository to your sources and install the KiCad packages from jessie-backports.

Debian Old-Stable (Wheezy)

Current version: bzr3261 (KiCad stable release 2012), or bzr4027 via Backports

Unfortunately there is only release bzr3261 from 2012 in the old-stable repository and version bzr4027 (this is the same as on current stable) in the old-stable-backport repository. As for Debian stable, it’s recommend for new designs. So you better upgrade your Debian installation to Debian Stable (Jessie) and use the version there from backport.

Build from Source

You can find the instructions to build from source here. If you have a running Debian stable with actual packages from Backports or you running a testing/sid release you can compile your own version of KiCad. Note, the use of Spice features isn’t possible now, even in testing/unstable as the ngspice package isn’t providing the needed libngspice library. If you need Spice related support in KiCad you will need to build a modified ngspice package. See this bug report for further information.

Ensure you have installed some build dependencies at least before you try to start own builds:

sudo apt-get install doxygen libboost-context-dev libboost-dev \
libboost-system-dev libboost-thread-dev libcairo2-dev libcurl4-openssl-dev \
libgl1-mesa-dev libglew-dev libglm-dev liboce-foundation-dev liboce-ocaf-dev \
libssl-dev libwxbase3.0-dev libwxgtk3.0-dev python-dev python-wxgtk3.0-dev \
swig wx-common